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March 12, 2017
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Saphire IPTV

Amazing IPTV Deal !!!


This IPTV service provides all your UK & Irish channels and covers all the major Sports including every live game at 3pm.  There is a huge selection of Box Office Movies and TV Box Sets that are updated every week.

Over 250 Channels

Over 25 HD Channels

Up to 60 days catch up on 110 channels

Over 7000 movies On Demand

30,000 TV Episodes On Demand

This service will work anywhere in the world with an internet speed of 2mb or above (HD Channels require more) and can be connected by either cable or wireless dongle to your router / modem.

NO VPN is required with this set top box and it really is plug and play. It connects direct to your tv with either a HDMI cable or AV lead and comes with a very simple to use remote control.


  • 7 Day TV Guide with Reminder
  • 60 Days Catchup
  • On Demand Movies
  • On Demand TV Box Sets

System Requirements:

  • Has been successfully tested on 2mb download speed.
  • Will work anywhere in the world with a suitable internet connection.
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